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Public voting is NOW OPEN for the best #AlbumWritingClub Single, courtesy of our friends at Lights And Lines record label...

Last month, indie record label Lights And Lines hosted their first #AlbumWritingClub - a songwriting exposé where independent artists worldwide were invited to take up the challenge to write and record an Album or EP in just one month! 

Over 50 independent artists and musicians signed up to the challenge and, in the end, Lights And Lines received nearly 30 completed projects. From these, each artist was asked to pick a Single for one of the prize categories and let the public decide the winner.

So now it's over to you...

Quite simply, what Lights and Lines want you to do is listen to all the singles on the Soundcloud playlist below and vote for your favourite using the form on THIS LINK. The singles on the playlist are ordered by date of submission only, rather than any preference ranking. There is a huge variety of genres, from thrash metal to acoustic folk, techno rave to laid back reggae, futuristic synth to full on orchestral, and amazingly there are lots of lovely accidental runs where the songs next to each other work really well together, so this makes a cool compilation album in its own right.

There are 26 songs on the list and you can vote for more than one song, just go back to the voting link and vote again. However, you can't vote for the same song multiple times, sorry - it will only be counted as one vote! The winner of the public vote will get support from Lights And Lines to release their single, including a full PR campaign which will help promote the song to a global network of media and radio outlets who support independent music.

One thing to bear in mind, though. Please don't judge anyone's work based on recording quality - the submitting artists weren't asked to master their projects to a high sound quality for final release due to time restraints, so there may well be crackles, echoes and odd sound levels, that's fine. Instead think about things like songwriting, instrumentation, creativity, and how the song makes you feel when you're casting your vote.

Here's the full list of songs and artists up for Lights and Lines #AlbumWritingClub Winning Single 2022.

Trench Gun - Bayonet Ballet
Chris Hardy World - Wait and See
Pulses - Go Faster
Andrew Hartshorn - No Mr Bond
Mikey J - My Little Dragon Girl
Fateful Five (Kiffie) - Perfect Choice
Rae Cameron - Look How Far We've Come
Dan Johnson (Age Of Infernal) - Web Of Lies
RebelTramp - Wavetashia
The MAW Experiment - Smoke Rising Single Demo
Elbrook Court - Seventy Four Percent
Mike Five - 3pm
We Walk The Earth - I Am Hollow
Natalie Williams Calhoun (nwcalhoun) - Bumblebeasy
Chucky Trading Co - Psychopath Cool (acoustic)
One Final Mountain - Compass (Among The Worst)
Aye Nevo - IntotheUnknown(Demo)
Schafernaker (Johny Nocash) - Over And Over
Voltage Poetry Project - Oostende 80 (demo Mix)
A Sea Warren - Jungle Was Massive (Phase I)
Cosmic Bos - Isle Of Avalon
James Kevin Plant - Heavy
Steve McGrady - Every Mistake
jpeck - Old Misery
Func(X) - Zero Tolerance

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