Podcast - And Why Not? Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon Poster - black and white headshots of Riggs and MurtaghNerd sitting on a cinema seat - And Why Not

Every episode, Stuart Mulrain lets a guest choose a film to discuss, reminisce over and share why they love it. This week, Stuart and guest Darrell Thorpe wonder if they are too old for this sh...

For the first episode of their 10 part Summer Of Action Specials, Stuart is joined by Darrell Thorpe to discuss the 1987 Richard Donner buddy cop classic; Lethal Weapon.

SPOILER WARNING (obviously) for LETHAL WEAPON (plus the franchise as a whole, including the TV series)

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains a brief discussion of a deleted scene from the film, involving Riggs and a sniper at a school.


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