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Romanian alternative rock band The Case has released a new single. Listen to Throne...

Press Release

A mix of alternative rock, indie, and a bit of garage-rock swagger, the song's concept stays close and personal to the band's roots. In a statement, the band said, “Throne is a look into oneself while trying to find meaning in a world gone mad.”

The Case deals in emotion with every track they've released, and Throne does not settle for less, as it perfectly encapsulates what the project is all about - a fight with your inner self, an expression of beauty, and infatuation with the world so deep it hurts.

Throne is a mood setter with a tremendous atmospheric feeling and profound insights. Depending on your background settings, Throne may get you lost in the spiritual space of uncertain authenticity or find you brought to tears hidden in the sad meaning of life. Either way, with The Case's newest song, there are infinite listening possibilities, each offering an unforgettable experience.

The first of a series of three-songs collaboration with Italian producer Enrico Tiberi, Throne suggests meditation and a reflection on personal life; thus, referring to how we perceive the different stages of life and the attitude with which we relate in relationships with those surrounding us. These aspects are seen through various vices, which can act as an emotional outlet and refuge.

But the calling card of Throne is the powerful lyrics that stand in plain sight among the hoarse yet fragile vocals, anchoring the song's core theme of conflictual state. Using the powerful vocals as a tool, the Romanian band creates a liminal space between two points of view, making a production that emotionally resonates with people on a personal and universal level.

Throne is just the right amount of cryptic while providing the type of rock that's sure to draw people into their growing discography.

The Case is a four-piece band based in Timisoara who made their debut in 2012 with alternative, rock, and indie influences. You can find more of their music on YouTube and Spotify.

The Case are:
Alfred Ciprian Paroș - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Mihai Bele - drums
Adrian Istodorescu - lead guitar
Cristian Paroș - bass and keyboards
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