SotD82 - Part 10

Inspired by our series of articles looking back at music released 30 years ago, Jimmy Hunter takes a step further back in time to give us some more Songs of the Day from 40 years back, SotD82...

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Even now when I hear the first few chords of The Back of Love by Echo & the Bunnymen I’m still surprised at what follows. It’s only because it makes me think of generic punk records from the late ‘70s. But thankfully it never goes in the direction I kind of expect it to and what we get is delightful post-punk energy with an urgent yet laid back vocal from Ian McCulloch. A much more accomplished album followed in 1983 with this on it, and by that I mean a much better album than its predecessor. And a long way from McCulloch’s efforts with his first band with Julian Cope and Pete Wylie (if you know, you know). 

Two excellent performances here: 

one from TOTP:

and one when the band reformed and did Glastonbury in 1997:

One of the (many) things I love about writing these articles is the realisation that many of the artists/groups are still around and still making new music: something that would have been unfathomable in 1982. As with our next choice, Marc Almond has really never stopped – not even a near fatal motorcycle crash could stop him (thankfully). Having established a solid fan base and commercial success with 1981’s Tainted Love (find my review here), I still believe that both Almond and Dave Ball (*swoons*) [oh grow up – ed] were at a soaring creative peak that was almost heartbreakingly brief. Ostensibly about a Torch Song singer, Torch is a fantastic record reaching several crescendos with the repeated I can look deep into, Your light and shout, Hold me Hold me Hold me Hold me Hold me and then sliding into a lazy trumpet. 

Here’s a great TOTP performance with Cindy Ecstasy duetting at the end:

and the superb original 12” version

Now then. Here we arrive at this week’s official banger [I BEG your pardon??? – Ed] and I make no apology for the gushing on which I may about to embark. Hungry Like The Wolf has the same goose-bump raising, chair-boogying effect on me as it did 40 years ago and I suspect (hope) it always will. I was never the biggest Duranie (official name, it’s in the Urban Dictionary) but this record hit me like a goods train – right from the first laugh and sliding guitar and into a thumping beat to the moaning at the end it never fails to make me smile. Never. 

Here’s the official video 

and here is the 2009 remaster of the original 12” version. You’re welcome!

This next record has a story/history as long and as twisted as some careers. Originally written and recorded in 1976, I’ve Never Been To Me barely grazed the US charts and was never released in the UK. Fast forward five years and many twists and turns, it’s re-released at the insistence of the boss at Motown when Charlene, who’s working in a sweet shop in Ilford by now, is asked to sign a new contract to enable the single to be released. It then becomes a world-wide mega hit. For the music video, shot in East Anglia, she wore her actual wedding dress – a move that would’ve been acknowledged by the drag queens in the Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert when Hugo Weaving’s character Tick, did a superb lip-synch in the opening scene. Here is that scene [I LOVE THIS FILM! - Ed]:

 and for balance, here’s the music vid 

Kid Creole and The Coconuts admittedly sounds like a wacky, one-off outfit but you know what? [oh, do tell – Ed] They are still performing, admittedly in a different line up, but one that has remained stable more or less for 20 years. I must admit, when I was 16/17 I treated the band in kind of a one-hit-wonder way, but I think the band’s music has stood the test of time – as has their ability to perform. And their performances were mesmerising! A mix of disco, Latin American and R&B, I’m A Wonderful Thing Baby launched them into the UK which arguably became their biggest source of commercial success. 1982 was a very hot year for the band thanks to this first single. 

Here’s the official music video:

and here is a superb live performance from 2018

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