Comicbook - The Penned Guin: What Next?

Our favourite Penned Guin comic strips keep on running on social media so we know what you're thinking - What Next? Well, next week sees the start of a three week Kickstarter campaign for the all-new book by Alan Henderson...

Press Release

The critically acclaimed comic strip the Penned Guin returns to print with What Next? - an all-new collection of the daily cartoons that appeared on-line through late 2021 to mid-2022. The new book is packed with 100 pages of penguin laughs and giggles from the pen of creator Alan Henderson.

The New Book

What Next? pulls together over 170 of the daily comic strips, none of which have ever been in a printed edition before. The A5 landscape book is 100 pages of black & white penguin humour featuring the puns, parodies, dad jokes and cringing gags you’ve come to expect from the comedic penguin crew. In this outing the penguins get on a sailboat, deal with onions, test the weather and release the kraken.

And then there's comic strips like these [get those Penned Guin pun-groans ready! - Ed]:

"Penguins produce an oil. It helps our feathers retain heat. The oily bird get the warm!"

My yoga instructor... ran out of class five minutes early, which left me in a very awkward position."

"This jumper gathers too much static so... I'd like to give it away, free of charge!"

A picture of 4 Penned Guins, three dressed as religious figures - a bishop, a vicar and an imam. The fourth is dressed as a rabbit. "I may have misread the script!"

The Penned Guin has had several successful Kickstarter campaigns since 2017 – launching eight books which have enabled the penguins to ‘fly’ round the world, reaching all corners of the globe and even allowing them to make the statement “we’re big in Finland”.

What Now, along with plenty other Penned Guinny Perks, will be available to pre-order through Kickstarter too, to reach as wide an audience as possible. The funds raised all go towards the production of the book and getting it into the hands of the backers, with any excess used to enhance the delivery and keep the strips appearing on-line.

So how do you p-p-p-pick up a Penned Guin?

The Kickstarter runs from 29th July to 19th August and offers a number of tiers for backers with the book available in digital and print formats.

· The print version is offered at the price of just £7.
· You can also select tiers where you receive original art from the comic strips that appear in the book.
· Missed the last Kickstarter - well you can still get your hands on "Master of Nine"
· Include our two Treasury editions that capture the first 1000 (a little more) Penned Guin comic strips - that appeared on-line from 2013 through 2017
· You even have the chance to commission your own Penned Guin piece.

"What Next?" you cry. Next, you visit to register to be told when the Kickstarter for this new Penned Guin classic goes live!  

Images & info - Alan Henderson
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