SotD - Mikey J

Never mind House of the Dragon, the only dragon you need this week is Mikey J's latest single, My Little Dragon Girl, out now from Lights & Lines record label...

Press Release

The latest single in Lights & Lines' #LALSummerSingles series [find more on that here - Ed] celebrating the 1st year anniversary of the label comes all the way from Australia! Mikey J's infectious summer ska tune is already a hit with listeners worldwide and is now officially out everywhere!

When Mikey J entered the Lights And Lines #AlbumWritingClub earlier this year he wasn't in it to win it, he was there for the pure joy of writing and recording new music. Over 50 independent musicians signed up to write and record an album or EP in a single month with some cool prizes up for grabs from the label. Fast forward a month and there were 26 entries into the 'Best Single' category, which went out to a public vote. Mikey J's My Little Dragon Girl won, gaining a mind blowing 23% of the vote!

As with most of Mikey's self confessed ‘sappy love songs’, My Little Dragon Girl is an homage to his wife Ella who was born in the Chinese year of the Dragon.

The track features Trumpets by Danny Davis and is Mastered by Light's And Lines own GRIM17, culminating in a truly superb sound on this lively number.

As Label Manager Mike Five put it, "Listening back this isn't actually that surprising, it's a really cool, fun, ska tune with a great horn section and really well produced. Of course people love it! Top work Mikey J!"

They actually loved this track so much that they upgraded the prize and decided to give it a full release on the label! And if that wasn't enough - there's the new Mikey J album on the way next year too!

You can also check out the lyric video below, produced by Lollypop Lane Music.

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