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Black Twist Films INLAND, starring Rory Alexander, Mark Rylance and Kathryn Hunter, gets its World Premiere at the 66th BFI London Film Festival tomorrow. Watch the trailer...

Press Release

The directorial debut of Director-Screenwriter Fridtjof Ryder, INLAND is a modern folktale that explores the fractured identity of a young man after the mysterious disappearance of his mother. Guided by a father figure and old friends who care deeply, his journey through the dreamlike spaces of rural England brings him face to face with the loss that haunts him in ways he could never have expected

Fridtjof Ryder said, “The film I hope to share with you lies curled around our hearts - it is the kind of film where our actors had as great stakes in its creation as I did. It was made for next to no money, it was made with blood and sweat and the need to speak. It is the kind of film that glowed out from its setting of Gloucester and changed the weather to help us shoot, brought us good light, good winds, good luck. I love everyone who made this film with me for their madness. You will see in our work all the care we have for it, and the hope it gives us moving forwards as the next generation of filmmakers, into these weird weird times. We achieved something we felt was perhaps impossible, something we were told was impossible, something larger than any one of us - and now here we stand, hand in hand. Therein lies our pride. I am humbled and excited to be sharing our debut work with you.”

Mark Rylance, who plays Dunleavy and also executive produces, added “This film wakes me at night. It contains a very old connection to the Green Man rituals of Carnivale, when someone would dress up as the Green Man and emerge from the deep forest to rampage through the town. This version is really scary and powerful, as it should be. There is a beautiful expression of the unconscious energy of nature in man. It reminds me of Eraser Head and Blue Velvet and films I loved but don't see many of any more. I am disturbed and excited by it at once.”

INLAND also stars Eleanor Holliday, Alexander Lincoln, Nell Williams and Shaun Dingwall and is produced by Henry Richmond, Louis Paine and Fridtjof Ryder in association with Twenty 20 Media, Fablemaze, Fatcontman, Dva Films, Shakespeare Road and Zebrafish Media. Executive producers are: Trudie Styler, Sam Tromans, Ian Dawson, Zak Brilliant, Guy Davies, Matt Cook, Toby Cook, Thomas Atherton, Dougal Mackenzie Smith, Shaun Dingwall and Mark Rylance

Henry Richmond, Producer said: “Inland is most certainly an auteur film with the deepest of hearts. Fridtjof is a huge talent, and I’m most grateful to have had the chance to work together to produce this work. It’s a film that, I hope, will challenge an audience and worm its way into your dreams. It’s provocative and enigmatic and deeply affecting. I’m truly thankful for every single person who helped us along the way.”

INLAND will celebrate its World Premiere at BFI London Film Festival on Friday 14th October.

Image - Black Twist Films
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