Film - My Neighbor Adolf

Coming to cinemas and digital platforms next month thanks to Signature Entertainment, watch the trailer for the captivating My Neighbor Adolf...

Press Release

Polsky (David Hayman, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas), a lonely and grumpy Holocaust survivor lives in the remote Columbian countryside, spending his days playing chess and tending to his beloved rose bushes. However, when a mysterious old German man (Udo Kier, Bacurau) moves in next door he begins to suspect his new neighbour is… Adolf Hitler. Since nobody believes him, he embarks on a detective mission to find the evidence. But, in order to prove his suspicions, Polsky will need to be closer to his neighbour than he would like – so close that the two could almost become friends. My Neighbor Adolf is directed by Leon Prudovsky (Five Hours from Paris) and written by Dmitry Malinsky (Max & Millie) with Prudovsky.


Signature Entertainment presents My Neighbor Adolf in UK Cinemas 4th November and Digital Platforms 14th November

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