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"Stay and fight, or leave. They will not do nothing." From director Sarah Polley, watch the official trailer for Women Talking, in UK cinemas from February 10th ...

Press Release

Sarah Polley directs a stellar cast including Frances McDormand, Jessie Buckley, Rooney Mara, Claire Foy and Ben Whishaw in WOMEN TALKING, a stylish and ambitiously conceived adaptation of Miriam Toews’ bestseller about abuse and solidarity in a remote Mennonite community.

Polley said in a statement, “When I read Miriam Toews’ book, it sunk deep into me, raising questions and thoughts about the world I live in that I had never articulated. Questions about forgiveness, faith, systems of power, trauma, healing, culpability, community, and self-determination. It also left me bewilderingly hopeful. I imagined this film in the realm of a fable. While the story in the film is specific to a small religious community, I felt that it needed a large canvas, an epic scope through which to reflect the enormity and universality of the questions raised in the film. To this end, it felt imperative that the visual language of the film breathe and expand. I wanted to feel in every frame the endless potential and possibility contained in a conversation about how to remake a broken world.”

Find out more about the film in this behind the scenes featurette "Another Way Forward: A Film-maker's Vision"

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