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Artist Frances Macdonald showcases her coastal travels in her latest solo exhibition The Road to the Isles at The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh this December...

Press Release

Known for capturing the wild and dramatic characteristics of the coast, Macdonald’s paintings present an energetic exploration of the ever-changing essence of the ocean.

Macdonald’s works derive from her intimate understanding of the landscape around her. From her home in Crinan, her studio overlooks the gulf of Corryvreckan, with views across the Sound of Jura. Inspired by such captivating views, Macdonald also often travels to Iona, Staffa, Erraid, Ronachan and Kintyre - her favourite locations to engage with the power of the Atlantic. As well as the water’s harsh tempers, Macdonald captures the softer side of nature in her depictions of summer blooms and the woods across Loch Crinan at Duntrune, encapsulating the different atmospheres in nature with texture and vibrancy to translate her experience.

Drawing influences from Peploe and Cadell, Macdonald’s style favours the juxtaposition of the dark, angular rocks with the white sand. Her method and emphasis with the palette knife creates a dynamic and animated environment, allowing her to capture the essence of the broken skies and raging seas in full force, with rocks transformed into cubist patterns and blocks of colours that highlight the contrasting textures.

Frances Macdonald’s works have been exhibited regularly throughout Scotland and London, as well as internationally, and she has paintings in several private collections, including the Fleming Collection. After 25 years of painting professionally, her passion and dedication to the landscapes around her remain prominent in her works.

The Road to the Isles runs from Thursday 1st – Friday 23rd December 2022
at The Scottish Gallery, 16 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6HZ. For more information please visit the gallery website.

Images - Photography by John McKenzie
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