Podcast - And Why Not? The Death of Superman on Film

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's last week's special And Why Not podcast and Stuart Mulrain discussing The Death of Superman on Film with guests Alan Burke & Rob O'Connor from the All-Star Superfan Podcast. Catch up with the episode and then listen to the crossovers ...

To celebrate 30 years of the iconic Superman #75, Stuart is joined by the All-Star Superfan Podcasts Alan Burke & Rob O'Connor to take a look at how Hollywood (and BBC Radio) depicted the Death Of Superman in film. Did any of them get it right? Did they do this milestone moment from comics justice on screen? They discuss all this and more, in this special episode.

And the Podcast cross-overs don't end there, as Stuart then joined Damian Edwardson and Dennis Whittle on an episode of Omen To That, taking a look at the Death Of Superman comic itself, which can be heard HERE.

The All-Star SuperFan Podcast also spoke with comic book legend Dan Jurgens about working on the comic, which can be heard HERE.

Among the films discussed in this episode (so Spoilers-ish) are Superman: Doomsday, The Death Of Superman, Superman Returns & Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. There's also a bit about Smallville: Season 8, and Superman & Lois: Season 2 (with minor spoilers).


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