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Nickelback back and back on form with their new album Get Rollin' which was released at the weekend. Listen to the opening track, San Quentin...

Okay, it's time for everyone to forgive and forget about the one-hit-wonder travesty that was Rock Star and get back to the kind of music that reminds us older Nickelback fans [you speak for yourself - Ed] of the albums back in the day like Curb, The State and Silver Side Up.

Get Rollin’ is the 10th studio album by the band and their first in five years. The 11-track body of work was written by Nickelback, with production by Chad Kroeger, Chris Baseford, and Ryan Peake.

Three singles have so far been released from the album. Those Days is pop rock, High Time is country rock and San Quentin is just plain old rock of the heavy variety. Listen to this...

Track Listing

1 San Quentin
2 Skinny Little Missy
3 Those Days
4 High Time
5 Vegas Bomb
6 Tidal Wave
7 Does Heaven Even Know You're Missing?
8 Steel Still Rusts
9 Horizon
10 Standing In The Dark
11 Just One More

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