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A new in-depth documentary about F1 legend Sir Jackie Stewart debuts on Sky Documentaries & NOW on Friday 30th December...

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Three-time Formula 1 World Champion, Sir Jackie Stewart is a living legend, a rare survivor from the sport’s darkest period in the late ‘60s and early ’70s. Known for more than just his stellar driving career, Stewart is familiar to millions as a TV sports anchor, team owner, and a successful businessman.

Until now, Stewart’s personal story has not been told. With exclusive access to an unseen personal archive, STEWART is an evocative and emotionally charged cinematic film.

Using restored archive film, STEWART, chronicles Sir Jackie’s humble beginnings outside Glasgow, the early years of his marriage to Helen and the rush of excitement that heralded his first F1 World Championship title in 1969. But underneath all this success, was a secret that haunted him throughout his career: his inability to read and write.

The documentary charts Sir Jackie Stewart’s most exhilarating Grand Prix races in Monaco, Silverstone, Monza and Mexico, looking at how he set out to improve racing safety. As the documentary draws to a climax, the final chapter focuses on the ‘73 season. Told through archive, it shows Stewart’s friendship with his teammate, François Cevert and as racing fatalities increase, why Stewart made the decision to retire from the sport at the end of the year, with Cevert his natural successor.Fate, however, had other plans, and the documentary reaches its moving climax at the US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen.

Sir Jackie Stewart says: ‘When I first saw this film, I was literally lost for words… It took me completely by surprise. Of course, I knew they were making it, but it all happened during lockdown and I had no idea of what it would be like. Watching it now, I find it exhilarating, in parts uncomfortable, and at times almost unbearably emotional. For my darling wife Helen and me it brings back incredibly vivid memories of people and places from long ago. In a way I’m the last person to ask about this (film), as it’s so personal. But if anyone wants to know what Formula 1 was like fifty years ago they should watch this film.’

The feature-length documentary was written and directed by Patrick Mark (Fabergé: A Life of Its Own), produced by Sarah Bayntun and Gareth Dodds (Spitfire, Armstrong) and executive produced by Jackie’s son, Mark Stewart (The Last Man on the Moon, Gazza) for MSP. Also executive producing are Bill Pohlad (American Utopia, 12 Years a Slave) and Jean-Marc Huët.

Executive Producer, Mark Stewart said, ‘I’m delighted that Sky will be showing ‘Stewart’. They have done so much within Formula 1 and I know they appreciate the amazing history of the sport, as well as the exciting spectacle it is today. I hope many people get to enjoy the film. For MSP to make a film about Jackie Stewart was always going to be complicated by the fact that he’s my father. So we - the Stewart family - agreed to step back from the editorial side, leaving the production team free to tell the story in their own way. We also opened the door my parents’ archives and collections… so ‘Stewart’ is objective, but also deeply personal and emotionally powerful. For me it goes beyond the world of motorsport and touches on bigger themes of ambition, love and loss…I hope our audience will agree.’

STEWART debuts on Sky Documentaries & NOW on Friday 30th December. 

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