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One of the UK’s fastest growing radio brands is expanding, as Bauer Media announces that Greatest Hits Radio will become Scotland’s first national commercial radio station ...

Press Release

Clyde 2, Forth 2, MFR 2, Northsound 2, Tay 2, West Sound in Ayrshire, and West Sound in Dumfries & Galloway already form part of the Greatest Hits Radio Network in Scotland, playing the greatest songs from the 70s, 80 and 90s. On April 3rd they will all rebrand to Greatest Hits Radio, offering a simplified platform for audiences and commercial partners alike, promising coverage across the region from Gretna to John O’Groats

Presenters Ewen & Cat (pictured) will continue as hosts of the Breakfast Show across the stations, with the full schedule to be announced shortly. All stations will continue to share local news and information, including weather, traffic and travel. Advertising opportunities for local businesses also remain and all stations will continue to support disadvantaged young people in their area through Bauer’s Cash for Kids charity.

Speaking about the changes, Victoria Easton-Riley, Content Director for Bauer Scotland said “Entertaining hundreds of thousands of listeners a week, these stations are much-loved for their playlist of classic hits and entertaining content, so rebranding as Greatest Hits Radio just makes total sense. Strengthened under one name, we’re so excited by the scope of opportunity ahead including national marketing campaigns and more.”

Gary Stein, Group Programme Director for the Hits Radio Brand Network added “Greatest Hits Radio has been such a great success story to date, and we know this will continue into Scotland as these stations rebrand in April, giving audiences, artists and advertisers much better clarity.”

Clyde 2 becomes – Greatest Hits Radio (Glasgow & the West).
Forth 2 becomes – Greatest Hits Radio (Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife & Falkirk)
MFR 2 becomes – Greatest Hits Radio (The North Of Scotland)
Northsound 2 becomes – Greatest Hits Radio (North East Scotland)
Tay 2 becomes – Greatest Hits Radio (Tayside & Fife)
West Sound AM becomes – Greatest Hits Radio (Ayrshire)
West Sound FM becomes – Greatest Hits Radio (Dumfries & Galloway)

Image - Bauer Media

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