SotD - Sleep Token

The mysterious Sleep Token have released not one but two new tracks in the past week. Listen to Chokehold and The Summoning ...

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As seems to be the habit with the enigmatic band, these two completely new tracks crept out with little fanfare and absolutely no information - even from the record label Spine Farm. So I guess all we can do is be thankful for what we are about to receive and worship the incredible voice of Vessel in Chokehold. 

And the wildly contrasting but no less stunning The Summoning.


Allegedly, [according to the band's page on the Genius website - Ed] the songs are from a NEW album called Take Me Back to Eden, due for release sometime this year. 

Sleep Token - Take Me Back To Eden (Album) (2023) 

1. Chokehold 
2. The Summoning
3. Granite
4. Aqua Regia
5. Vore
6. Ascensionism
8. The Apparition
10. Rain
12. Euclid

Image - Andy Ford courtesy of Spinefarm
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