TV - The Law According to Lidia Poët

Inspired by the true story of Italy's first female lawyer, watch the trailer for the upcoming TV series The Law According to Lidia Poët, coming to Netflix on 15th February...

Turin, late 1800s. A ruling by the Court of Appeal of Turin declares Lidia Poët's enrollment in the register of lawyers illegitimate, thus preventing her from practicing the profession just because she is a woman. 

Penniless but full of pride, Lidia (Matilda De Angelis) finds a job at the law firm of her brother Enrico (Pier Luigi Pasino), while she prepares the appeal to overturn the Court's conclusions. In the meantime Lidia assists murder suspects who may be wrongfully accused by seeking the truth behind appearances and prejudices. Jacopo Barberis (Eduardo Scarpetta) a mysterious journalist who also happens to be Lidia's brother's wife's brother [what? - Ed], passes information to her and guides her through the hidden worlds of a grandiose Turin.

Rounding out the cast are Sara Lazzaro, who plays Teresa Barberis, Enrico's wife and Lidia's sister-in-law, and Sinéad Thornhill as Marianna Poët, their daughter, while Dario Aita will be Andrea Caracciolo.

Image - Matilda De Angelis as Lidia Poet in episode 101 of La legge di Lidia Poët. Photo by Lucia Iuorio/Netflix © 2023
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