SotD - Ae Fond Kiss

It's St Valentine's Day and Susan Omand couldn't let the event pass without getting all slushy about it...

Ae fond kiss and then we sever;
Ae fareweel, and then forever!

Ae Fond Kiss is probably one of Robert Burns' most recorded songs. Yes, it was written originally as a song and not a poem that was later put to music. The documented proof of this actually still exists in Burns' letter to his friend Agnes (Nancy) McElhose in 1791 just before she left Edinburgh for Jamaica to return to her estranged husband. Ouch. The original letter is held by The National Library of Scotland.

Over the years since then there have been many many recordings, from Kenneth McKeller's singing shortbread tin version to The Corries' folk version to Bryn Terfel's almost operatic version.

Then there's this version by the wonderful Eddi Reader.

Image - Painting by Alexander Nasmyth, 1787 Scottish National Portrait Gallery)

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