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Coming to Netflix in April, watch the trailer for the WWII drama mini-series Transatlantic... 

Press Release

Set in 1940-1941 and shot entirely on location in Marseille, France, Transatlantic is inspired by Julie Orringer’s novel about the Emergency Rescue Committee, The Flight Portfolio, and by the true story of Varian Fry (Cory Michael Smith, Gotham), Mary Jayne Gold (Gillian Jacobs, Community) and Albert Hirschman (Lucas Englander, The Witcher). The seven-part limited series is set to debut on Netflix on April 7th 2023.

Transatlantic is created by Anna Winger & Daniel Hendler, and produced by Anna Winger & Camille McCurry of Airlift Productions. It is directed by Stéphanie Chuat & Véronique Reymond and by Mia Meyer. Additional cast includes: Corey Stoll, Gregory Montel, Ralph Amoussou, Deleila Piasko, Amit Rahav, Moritz Bleibtreu, Alexander Fehling, Jonas Nay, Lolita Chammah, Luke Thompson, Jodhi May, Rafaela Nicolay and Henriette Confurius.

Image - Netflix
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