Graphic Novel - Robin of Sherwood: The Hooded Men

*sings* Rooobbbiiiiin, the Hooded Man.... er... Men. Ahem. Anyway, pre-order crowdfunding is well underway for a new, official graphic novel from Chinbeard Books, featuring a brand-new adventure, based on the 1980's iconic television series...

Press Release

2024 marks the 40th anniversary of the seminal retelling of the Robin Hood folk legend, and Chinbeard Books is gearing up early to celebrate with a brand-new, official, full colour adventure in graphic novel form, featuring both incarnations of Robin Hood from the iconic 1980’s television series.

The 1980’s classic, Robin of Sherwood, first aired on April 28th, 1984, and Chinbeard Books has a few surprises hidden in its bristles. The first of which is this crowdfunding campaign for ‘The Hooded Men’ – a graphic novel that teams the first incarnation of the Robin role (played by Michael Praed), with the second incarnation (played by Jason Connery).

How can this happen and why does it happen? That’s the questions that will be answered if you back this project via Indiegogo.

Following in the footsteps of the late, great writer/creator Richard ‘Kip’ Carpenter, who devised the television series, is John Semper.

A writer for both Marvel Comics and DC Comics, who’s worked closely with Stan Lee and Jim Henson (to name but two genius creatives!), he’s probably best known for creating the Spider-Verse when he was producer and head writer on the classic animated Spider-Man series. 

He says… “As an avid fan of the Robin of Sherwood series since it aired in the eighties, I was thrilled and delighted to write a new adventure for this epic graphic novel. I’ve had the pleasure of writing stories featuring several iconic fictional heroes whom fans all over the world hold in high esteem - most notably Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern, just to name a few – and Robin Hood is another legendary character I am honoured to represent.

“It was great fun revisiting Robin, Marion, Will, Little John, Nasir and Much and having them battle the Sheriff once again in a very special story that Robin of Sherwood fans everywhere never possibly imagined they would ever get to experience!”

Alongside him, John has brought Allan Jefferson to provide the artwork – another stalwart of the Marvel Comics and DC Comics stable. Allan’s work has included stints on Justice League of America, Cyborg, Predators, Green Lantern, Transformers and Batwing.

Commissioning editor, Barnaby Eaton-Jones, was delighted when this project was pitched to him a few years ago, as he explains…

“I’ve sort of sat on this project for a while, to bring it closer to the 40th anniversary, as I was so delighted by what John Semper pitched. Then, when Allan Jefferson provided a sample piece of artwork, I knew this was unique project that the fans of Robin of Sherwood would love.

“I hope they’ll embrace the crowdfunding and allow us to deliver this new story in the anniversary month of April next year. It will be worth the wait!”

Joining the creative team, is resident graphic designer and artist for Chinbeard Books, Robert Hammond. Both Robert and Barnaby were responsible for the recent collection of all the comic strips from the 1980’s magazine, Look-In, which Robert painstakingly restored and collated. For their efforts, they were humbled to receive a Best UK Comics Collection award from ComicScene.

The Hooded Men crowdfunding kicks off with an early bird special. There will be 20% off the recommended retail price of £25 meaning it’s only £20 for the first 500 copies. Then it will switch back to the normal price of £25 for the rest of the campaign. Even then, for an OFFICIAL 68 page, full colour, A4 sized paperback, with extra content, it’s really a great deal.

If you need any more convincing, watch the campaign video below, then pre-order your copy on IndieGoGo here.

Images & info - courtesy Chinbeard Books
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