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With an acoustic variation of his Escape Hatch Fever album out on 16th June [and available to pre-order now - Ed] listen to Gozer Goodspeed's latest single, Vagus Nerve ...

We all know what an acoustic album sounds like, don't we? It's just the normal album but without the oomph of the electric guitars really... WRONG! Gozer Goodspeed has taken his recent hit album Escape Hatch Fever [read Susan's review of that album here - Ed] and totally re-imagined and re-crafted it. Yes, the album still has all the same songs, in the same order but, really, it's a whole different listening experience. You don't need to have listened to the original album to get what Gozer has done with this [although why you haven't already listened to that one is beyond us - Ed] as the acoustic album can stand strongly on its own as a piece of art as well as being a companion piece. Mike Five from Lights & Lines record label said, "For me the interesting thing is that although the songs are the same, I have a new favourite on this version... it completely changed the way I heard the songs and my perspective changed with it. A genius move!" And, having had a sneaky listen to the full album, we completely agree!

As Gozer says himself, "It's a love letter from me to acoustic music, reinventing the songs whilst still honouring the feel and scope of the electric record."

To prove the point, here's the acoustic version of Vagus Nerve, which is released on 19th May, to compare and contrast with the electric version.

In other Gozer news, HE'S GOING ON TOUR! Well, a bit. In October, you'll be able to catch a live Gozer Goodspeed playing songs from the Acoustic album live along with some classics from the back catalogue too. Tickets go on sale soon for the following venues around England [he nearly makes it to Scotland but misses by 4km - Ed].

15th October - Haywood Cider Festival, St Mabyn, Cornwall
16th October - Ashburton Arts Centre, Ashburton
18th October - Three Hounds Beer Co, Beckenham
19th October - The Couch, Bracknell
20th October - Radio Rooms, Berwick on Tweed (with John Reed)
21th October - Steam Machine Brewing Co, Newton Aycliffe
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