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AUK Studios has confirmed that it has acquired Spiteful Puppet Entertainment...

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Founded in 2013, Spiteful Puppet has produced high-quality audio dramas based on a range of storied franchises and original IP, including Robin of Sherwood (continuing the cult TV series), Up Pompeii, and acclaimed six-episode series The Barren Author (narrated by Richard O’Brien).

AUK Studios will continue the work of Spiteful Puppet and fully incorporate its illustrious works to the AUK Studios catalogue. One such project, a box-set of the Robin of Sherwood audio drama series is set to be released (in conjunction with ITV Global and the estate of Richard Carpenter) to celebrate the series’ 40th anniversary.

Andrew Swaisland and Gary Haberfield, directors of Spiteful Puppet, said, “With both companies already having worked together on multiple award-winning audio projects, and with Andrews UK (the sister company to AUK Studios) providing the global distribution for Spiteful Puppet for many years, it is the perfect conclusion and next step on the creative future path for Spiteful Puppet.

"We wish the AUK Studios team every success in carrying the torch forward and building on what we have achieved in a short space of time.”

Spiteful Puppet Entertainment Ltd also confirmed that existing IP and content will be transferred with the sale of the company to AUK Studios Ltd. Paul Andrews, the director of AUK Studios said, “We have been extremely lucky to have worked with the Spiteful Puppet team since 2016 - when we first distributed their content – and, in recent years, we have joined forces on award-winning audios. We are very pleased Spiteful Puppet is joining the wider AUK family under AUK Studios. We are confident of Spiteful Puppet’s continuing success after Andrews UK Limited’s similar successful acquisitions of A H Stockwell Ltd in 2022, and Matthew James Publishing Ltd in 2023.”

In addition, AUK Studios have acquired the services of Barnaby Eaton-Jones, who will become their Creative Director, after having provided a similar role for Spiteful Puppet since 2015; taking Spiteful Puppet from a small, emerging company, to one that became known for high-quality productions in a competitive market. He said, “Having worked on a freelance basis for AUK Studios on a diverse set of projects, I have found the ethos, friendliness, professionalism and drive of Paul Andrews, and his team around him, has inspired me to try to produce even bigger and bolder productions than before. I am humbled to be asked to take up this new position at AUK Studios and we have a raft of exciting projects to be announced in the very near future.”

A short transition period will take place in the next few weeks as the existing directors of Spiteful Puppet hand over the running of the company to AUK Studios, but all ongoing Spiteful Puppet projects will be announced soon.

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