Native Love (Step By Step) - Divine

by Spudz McKenzie

Photo from Wikipedia

Dance, rock, feel the heat / rock your body to the native beat

End your month on a weird-ass note with this bonkers dance track from drag icon Divine. I heard it while giggling my balls off watching Fool's Paradise. Can you believe this only made it to #21 on the U.S. charts? What could possibly have been better? Tom Tom Club and Thompson Twins? Please.

My car is by Ferrari and my body's Jack LaLanne
My clothes are by Armani and my hair is by Elaine
Tiffany and Cartier are telling me the time
this Native Love is restless and I'm just not satisfied!

Also released in 1982 were two absolute all-time dance tracks: It's Raining Men by The Weather Girls and 1999 by I shouldn't have to tell you who. Plug Native Love into your playlist right alongside them and get ready for a long weekend (here in the States). It's Labor Day Weekend, time to celebrate motherhood or having jobs or something LET'S GOO! THIS NATIVE LOVE IS RESTLESS AND I’M JUST NOT SATISFIED!

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