Podcast - And Why Not?: High Fidelity

You don't need a list of the Top Five Reasons to listen to this week's episode of And Why Not? with Stuart Mulrain. But in honor of Rob Gordon here it is anyway...

ONE. Mr. Mulrain still holds in his possession the ticket stub from seeing High Fidelity all the way back in 
the year 2000.

You know what, I don't need to bother with four more reasons. This man is a monument to film fandom. That should be enough. 

On the Episode, Stuart asks guest co-host Tom Stewart, "How would you sum this film up?" Tom rightly struggles to faithfully define a film that is as entangled as real life relationships. "It's the fantasy in your head, isn't it, where they tell you that you weren't that bad." But it never quite goes that way, does it?

Stu-Mu and T-Stew get into the deep-cuts of romance and introspection, the film vs the book, how the film plays in our modern culture, and so much more. When smart people talk about the art that touched them, it's generally a good idea to listen up, soak in those vibes.

(If you need a spoiler alert, what you really need is a Time Machine.)

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