Hallow-vent Calendar 2017

We love Hallowe'en here at DreamCage. We also love interactive clicky stuff, so we've thought of a way to combine the two and give you a fun countdown to Halloween. David Ames explains more...

It’s that time of year again! The time when the leaves begin to fall, the weather begins to get rough, and all the small, nondescript towns begin to look strangely like Haddonfield, Illinois. Now, if you were here last year, you understand that my best friend, Andy Fox, and I always do something horror-themed for every day of October. Classically, it was always a movie a day and I think I will continue that classic trend on my own but this year, instead of a movie review a day, I think I want to switch up the layout a bit. Instead of constant movie reviews, I am going to pepper in books or graphic novels that also fall into this genre. Horror, as a whole, is easily my favorite genre of anything and because of this fact, this time of the year is refreshing for me. It is a time where Fox and I can unwind, pop in a slasher movie, and relax, laughing all the way at the clichés and tropes.

This year, I am trying to keep a theme going: Vampires. They are one of my favorite creations in all of media. I have been obsessed with them since I was around eight years old. Most of the horror this year will be based around Vampire films and literature.

Strap in and join me for the Dreamcage’s second annual Hallow-vent Calendar.

Click on today's date number to read the latest Hallow-vent entry. You can find last year's Hallow-vent Calendar HERE.

The articles are:

  1. Stake Land 
  2. Blood of the Tribades 
  3. Plasma 
  4. Severed 
  5. The Transfiguration 
  6. Dracula Untold 
  7. Near Dark 
  8. Fright Night 
  9. Byzantium 
  10. Embrace of the Vampire 
  11. the book Let the Right One In 
  12. the film Let the Right One In 
  13. David's article on The Sexuality of Vampires 
  14. Let Me In 
  15. Thirteen Bullets 
  16. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant 
  17. the graphic novel 30 Days of Night 
  18. the film of 30 Days of Night 
  19. the sequel 30 Days of Night: Dark Days 
  20. The Delicate Dependency 
  21. The Addiction 
  22. Innocent Blood 
  23. Nosferatu the Vampyre 
  24. Shadow of the Vampire 
  25. Interview with the Vampire
  26. Blade II
  27. Subspecies
  28. Curse of the Mutants
  29. Kiss of the Damned
  30. The Lost Boys
  31. American Vampire Vol 1
And remember to catch up with David's article on Hallowe'en itself about Proper Respect for the Horror Genre

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