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Window Licker

Steve Taylor-Bryant reviews the latest film from director Brian McGuire at The Raindance Film Festival...

Luckily for me this was actually a film, not the Aphex Twin video. Aphex Twin freak me out.

However, there were some familiar feelings envoked by watching this in relation to Aphex Twin...I felt like I'd been taking very strong narcotics. This is not a criticism by the way, I like the weird and freaky.

McGuire plays the role of Ben Wild, who is trying to find himself whilst slipping into insanity. This slip progresses through what can only be described as YouTube style videos, with the mickey take of Big Brother a particular highlight and a soundtrack as mad as the performance by McGuire. Does this film make any sense? Probably not to many people, but don’t disregard it as it speaks to me so it may speak to you. I took from it a look at what I would have become if I had continued along a certain path. I took from it that the world may actually be the insane one and Ben Wild is holding a mirror up to it for all to see. I took from it that, with no budget and an Android phone, you can make a movie and make it good.

Yes the final production shows that this was made on a phone, but that's quite beautiful and certainly fits the film better than maybe conventional film making would. McGuire is incredibly watchable and teeters on the edge of overplaying the part without actually diving headlong into parody.
Interesting, weird, brilliant.

Image - Raindance.
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