TV - Arrow Season 3, Episode 2


After last week’s shocking end Steve Taylor-Bryant wipes his tears and goes back to Starling City to see the aftermath in Sara...

I am still reeling from last week’s ending. I had invested a lot of belief and emotion in Caity Lotz as Canary/Sara and was genuinely quite cross at her demise at the hand of an archer. However, life goes on and, whilst I deal with things in a certain way, it was always going to be interesting to see how the gang deal with the death of one of their own. Oliver, Felicity and Roy enter the Arrow cave to find Laurel covered in her sister’s blood and Sara dead on the table. Oliver goes to the scene of the crime to try and get a fix on what actually happened with Diggle, fresh from becoming a father, there to meet him. It is decided that at the moment Captain Lance won’t be told whilst Team Arrow hunt down those responsible.

Meanwhile businessmen are also being hunted down and killed by an archer, an assassin known as Komodo/Simon Lacroix and the team must stop him and make him pay for Sara's death. Felicity storms into Queen's Consolidated and confronts Ray Palmer about the flowers, texts, emails and the fact he spent a billion dollars buying the company she now works for, and wants him to stop. He realises something else is wrong and offers her a shoulder if she ever needs one. After the first confrontation with Komodo, a joust with bows on motorbikes, doesn’t work Oliver traces him to Queen's Consolidated and the event that Ray Palmer is holding to fund the rebuild of the newly branded Star City. Roy and Oliver, in their character disguises, fight with Komodo before finally pinning him down on a deserted floor where he admits to killing the businessmen. Laurel is hell bent on revenge and tries to shoot him but Oliver has removed the bullets and Komodo promises he was in Bludhaven the night Sara died, an alibi that checks out.

Felicity goes back to see Ray Palmer and accepts his offer of a job as she wants more out of life, Oliver promises Laurel he will find who killed Sara but doesn’t know when, and Diggle and Lyla name their new-born daughter Sara. The gang all bury Sara in the original grave that was constructed when the Lance's first thought she was dead.

For such an emotionally charged episode the writers managed to cram in a fair bit of action and character development. The flashbacks to Hong Kong saw Oliver having to try and assassinate Tommy and Laurel maybe becoming The Canary idea got some credence with the jacket scene near the end. Oliver having to explain to Felicity that he can’t grieve so others can was heart-wrenching and the first sight of Thea being trained by Malcolm Merlyn in Corto Maltese is a nice lead into next week’s episode. There were a few issues with this week, mainly the emotions portrayed by Katie Cassidy as Laurel. I am still not convinced by her quite wooden style and still see her as the weak link on the cast but I can only hope as she maybe grows from kidnap victim/addict/whiny/useless into something stronger the performances will improve.

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