TV - Arrow Season 3, Episode 3


Can Oliver convince Thea to return to Starling City with him? Without getting in any trouble? Our own vigilante Steve Taylor-Bryant takes a look inside Corto Maltese...

This week sees Oliver decide to head to Corto Maltese to see if he can get Thea to return with him. He obviously doesn’t know that Thea has been training to fight and withstand boiling liquid with her father, Malcolm Merlyn. Roy feels guilty that Thea left in the first place and goes with Oliver to see if he can help convince her. Just when Diggle thinks he’s getting a weekend off, Lyla tells him about an ARGUS agent that has gone dark so Digg gets to go and see if he can locate the agent and get him out of whatever trouble he is in. The trio head off leaving Felicity back at Queen's Consolidated, getting used to her new position working for Ray Palmer.

Thea is pleased to see Oliver but still shows no sign of being interested in a return to Starling City, also informing Roy that it wasn’t his fault she left. Diggle meets Mark Shaw, the ARGUS operative, and he tells Diggle about a plan to release a list of agents to the highest bidder so Diggle decides he will help Shaw secure the list. Back in Starling City, Felicity is shocked to realise she has Oliver's old office and her own executive assistant, as her phone goes nuts whilst she is in a meeting with Ray, who finds the chaos that surrounds Felicity quite funny. He sets her the task of recovering information from a destroyed server.

Someone else struggling in Starling City is Laurel. Haunted by Sara's death and full of rage, Laurel tries fighting an abusive husband of a girl she met at rehab, only to get beaten up. Not wanting to return to booze and pills, Laurel needs an avenue for her anger but, after Oliver refuses to train her, she resorts to seeking help from Ted Grant at the boxing gym she had been investigating for criminal activity.

In Corto Maltese, Shaw double crosses Diggle and tries to sell the list himself but, with the help of Oliver and Roy, the day is saved. At the airport waiting to leave Thea joins them, returning to Starling with her brother. Enter Nyssa Al Ghul!

Probably a little early in the season for a non-Arrow filler episode but they had to bring Thea and her skills back to Starling somehow I suppose. The action scenes in Corto Maltese are great to watch and seeing Oliver with a gun was strange but pleasant, it’s just that the whole rogue agent/list storyline was a little too Mission Impossible NOC list for my liking. The girls impressed this week though, Felicity is fast becoming the most entertaining of the cast with her strange brand of hilarious intelligence, Thea is developing into more than just the whiny sister and even Laurel gets some proper action and it will be good to see her develop into a character that can hold her own instead of being in some kind of trouble each week. Palmer finding various weapons on the files Felicity saved are bound to pop up soon as well!

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