TV - True Detective Season 1, Episode 7

True Detective

Back into the crazy world of Rust and Marty goes Steve Taylor-Bryant with the penultimate episode of an extraordinary show...

Rust and Marty go to a bar after having not seen each other for many years. Marty is now a Private Investigator with a boring life involving lots of loneliness and Rust has been away living in Alaska despite the fact he hates the cold. Marty still has a lot of hatred for Rust for the affair with Maggie but Rust asks for his help anyway. Rust is wary of the investigation going on into them and the case that started 20 years ago.

The flashback segments are confined to Rust and his personal investigation. In a safe, he found a tape that shows what really happened to Marie Fontenot and, on the strength of the tape and some hunches, Marty agrees to once again team up with his former partner. With there being no interview structure, we see the two men recounting the time apart, with Marty explaining he left the force after seeing a meth addict microwave a baby and Rust being a drunk that works at a bar and continuing his own investigations into what began with the Dora Lang case.

Marty goes to see his daughters and to say goodbye to Maggie who he hadn’t seen for two years in case anything happens to him. Maggie is distraught and pleads with Rust for some assurance they will be safe. Rust gives her short shrift and says he can’t promise anything, and off they go into investigating.

After six episodes of confusing story arcs this episode 'After You've Gone' seems almost pedestrian, a regular detective drama with a stellar cast, but seeing the changing dynamic between the two men was fascinating. Hart and Cohle don’t know who their suspects are but plenty of them were brought forward to the viewer this week as we build towards next week’s finale.

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