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True Detective

Steve Taylor-Bryant nears the end of his True Detective thoughts as we start the home straight with Haunted House...

True Detective has become an enigma wrapped in a puzzle and I myself have spent weeks trying to join the dots only to find I have drawn a big circle and I know less now than I did at the start. Undermine the writing of Nic Pizzolatto at your peril.

This week’s episode delved deep into the strained and breaking relationship between Marty and Rust. From Marty's descent back into his fighting and infidelity, starting with the attack in the cell of the two men that slept with his daughter, through the sexual encounters with a young girl from a case, to the attack on Cohle outside the police department that led to Rust quitting the force, we see how life has strained Marty Hart over the years. The cheating of Maggie with Rust and the two men’s failing friendship had been hinted at in the interview segments of previous episodes but to see how it plays out on screen was enthralling.

What also became apparent is, no matter what had happened in the past, the stories/lies were kept going. Last week saw Rust Cohle walk out of the interview as the suspicion started to point his way. This week Maggie was called in and her story was the same, despite true events playing out in the background, and Marty Hart walking out of the interview as well, refusing to throw his old partner to the wolves.

Added to all this personal and emotional turmoil, you can throw in Cohle talking to the abused girl he had rescued with Marty from the meth den, turning her into a screaming wreck and following up on his obsession with the church being involved in a conspiracy to murder that led to his suspension in the first place and what you have is some intense, uncomfortable and yet wholly riveting television.
Just before you think "where can they go from here? Everyone has left the interviews" we see Marty and Rust meet up for the first time in a decade on the side of the road.

Roll on next week and the build up to the finale.

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