TV - Arrow Season 3, Episode 16


Steve Taylor-Bryant checks in with his favourite vigilante as he considers The Offer…

In my head, I've already slit his throat seven times. Broke his neck twice.

Ra’s offer to Oliver to become the next Demon’s Head troubles our vigilante billionaire as he is now not so used to killing. Ra’s explains that his Lazarus pit, that has given him a long and powerful if not a tad evil life, is now failing him and the time for a successor is now. Thea wants Nyssa to take her life as revenge for her part in Sara’s death but Nyssa knows Malcolm Merlyn is truly the one responsible and knows the blood pact must end with him. Meanwhile, a very badly beaten Malcolm is in the Queen loft where Oliver wants him to stay and recuperate. Oliver comes back to the Arrow Cave and let’s Nyssa go and quickly wants to get back to business as usual. Felicity detects a robbery and Team Arrow go to the rescue. At the robbery site some diamonds are left and Oliver notices that one of the criminals has his mouth sewn shut. The gang members that Canary, Arsenal, and Arrow capture are taken to Captain Lance who turns on Oliver now he knows the truth about Sara.

In Nanda Parbat Nyssa, furious at Malcolm’s survival, demands to know why her father spared him. Ra’s explains to Nyssa about his offer to Oliver which, as you can imagine, does not please her one bit and she strikes out at Ra’s who promptly disowns her. Thea is struggling with not killing Malcolm and leaves whilst Malcolm explains to Oliver that he’s not surprised by Ra’s offer and tells of the prophecy that he who doesn’t die by Ra’s sword will live to become the next Ra’s Al Ghul.

Roy and Oliver get a lead on the man with the sewn up mouth. He is going to the SCPD with his diamond tipped bullets. Captain Lance is at the station with Laurel, who he still hates, and is ignoring the calls from Felicity trying to warn him of the impending danger. Nyssa rescues Laurel and the Arrow saves Captain Lance which buys him enough good graces to be set free. Nyssa appears to be looking for something new in her life now she has no League of Assassins employment and takes on the training of Laurel after a chat about bad fathers. Thea and Roy also seem to be rekindling a previous relationship, but elsewhere in the city a fake Arrow is causing havoc – Ra’s Al Ghul.

Whilst not the best episode of the season it was still solid. Seeing Nyssa change sides, Ra’s get mischievous, and Malcolm as a beaten bloody mess were all pretty good viewing and the League of Assassin storyline is coming along nicely.

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