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Earth to Echo

Earth To Echo is watched by our own alien needing help, steven harris...

Imagine I don’t write about kids’ films all the time lately. Imagine I am a proper grown up who doesn’t still hanker to be amazed and enthralled by life’s boundless possibilities. Imagine all the people living for today.

Most of all, imagine a movie that steals sound effects from Transformers, the ‘found footage’ aesthetic of Cloverfield, Blair Witch etc, but which can be watched by younger folk without them instantly turning into crazed murderers who go on killing sprees and make the name of their high school famous.

Imagine there’s no heaven. But that there IS outer space. With intelligent life. That looks like an owl for some fucking reason. Imagine three boys (and later a girl) who communicate with the owl-alien and discover it is trying to find its ship after having been shot down by nasty bastard government military bad guy Reaganomic arsefaces.

You don’t have to imagine all this. You could watch the film. The boys are very 21st century boys in ways that Marc Bolan just would have found soooo next century. They have cell phones. They call them cell phones because they are American and have no idea that these devices are actually called mobile phones. Poor things. They also have camcorders and camera glasses and an knowledge of filmic uploady YouPube cleverclogs snotty geekery that only kids in movies actually attain by the age of twelves. Or however old these kids are meant to be.

No hell below us. Above us apple pie. Which isn’t at all relevant, I simply can’t get John Lennon out of my head now. Go home, John. You’re drunk and I told you before that it is over between us. Sheesh, some people!

You know how in ET the bad guys are bad because they have sunglasses and keys? Well nothing like that happens in Earth To Echo. Except there are bad guys. Or rather stupid, reactionary, knee-jerk (emphasis on the jerk) masculinist cocktards who think shooting at the first intelligent life to visit from another planet is the only option. Wankers.

You know how in ET even adults care about whether ET lives or dies? Well nothing like that happens in Earth To Echo. Except Echo (that’s what the kids call the alien owl thing) does comes just as close to dying as ET does. In his own movie, not in this one. ET isn’t in this one so stop saying that he is.

You know how sometimes I might as well not write a review because it’s pretty obvious to you after a sentence or two that I’m not going to say anything meaningful about the film I’ve watched?


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