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Wayne’s World and steven harris? It was inevitable...

Mike Myers, excellent, party time, yes way.

Like dude, remember a time when making movies about twenty-something waster men-children was awesomely sorta new and full of catchphrases and doodly-do noises to signify dream sequences or going back in time?

And, like remember Rob Lowe being the best thing in the whole frickin film? NOT!

Yeah well 1992 is a long way back now, man. Before Austin Powers there was Wayne Campbell saying teenager shit like “A sphincter says what?” and writing things on the back of the questions cards he’s reading from when interviewing the sponsor of his show so that the audience know Noah from Noah’s Arcades blows goats and Wayne has proof.

It’s dumbfuckery but it’s good dumbfuckery. Any movie to include a scene in which Alice Cooper waxes accurate about the history of Milwaukee is a good movie. If it also throws in cameos from Meatloaf as a bouncer and that dude from married With Children as a psychotic diner owner then it’s a more than good movie.

What makes Wayne’s World a more than more than good movie is all the breaking the fourth wall and messing with narrative and constantly giving away the mechanics of making films. You know what I’m saying: it’s totally postmodern. Oh yes, it’s totally postmodern.

Underneath the Garth hair Dana Garvey gurns and grins to perfection, Tia Carrere is illegally gorgeous with a bass guitar in her hands. I’d seriously forgotten that Lara Flynn Boyle plays Wayne’s emotionally disturbed ex-girlfriend, and that she does so to hysteric perfection.

You know the scenes you know, you know? Bo-Rap in the car. Garth’s Foxy lady dream sequence dance. “It will be mine. Oh yes it will be mine.” Cream of SumYung Gi. The Scooby-Doo ending.

The happy ending.

You remember them for two reasons. One because they are in the movie so well done you for remembering scenes that are in the movie and not confusing yourself with scenes from totally different movies. And two, they’re the best bits. The other real highlight is Mike Myers prancing about in a pair of women’s knickers, the dirty little pervert.

For a film that grew out of short sketches on MTV Wayne’s World is surprisingly capable of stretching to 90 minutes. I forget entirely whether the sequel achieves the same level of excellence, dude, which kind of insinuates that it doesn’t.

Oh well. Sequels can’t all be Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey now, can they?

It’s a shame about Mike Myers. After Wayne’s World you might have expected his career to go stratospheric, maybe include a ludicrously successful trilogy of parody secret agent films and even a part in one of Quentin Tarantino’s best films. Oh wait. It did. Excellent. Party time. Mike’s world. He’s babelicious.

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