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The Flash

Geek boy alert, geek boy alert, geek boy alert, Steve Taylor-Bryant hereby issues a geek boy alert as it's Flash vs. Arrow with spoilers and geek boy alerts...

By the power of Greyskull! An episode of The Flash with Felicity standing in just her bra and that's not even the highlight of the story. This episode has long been building. Since the back door Flash pilot in Arrow season two, through mentions of Barry Allen, the crossover of Felicity Smoak, the promise of something special has hyped this particular episode to movie release levels and let me start now by saying it does not disappoint!

Roy G. Bivolo is a metahuman with the ability to affect those around him by just looking at them. He enters a bank in Central City and removes his sunglasses to reveal red eyes that fill those around him with rage and anger, albeit temporarily, whilst he steals half a million dollars from the vault. The Flash turns up in the nick of time to stop anyone killing each other but this is emotional carnage on a scale not seen before. Eddie meanwhile, much to the annoyance of his girlfriend and Flash fanatic Iris, tries to get the captain to form a taskforce to apprehend The Flash, believing him to be very dangerous.

Whilst on the hunt for Bivolo, The Flash is saved by Arrow and, at a meeting on the outskirts of the city, Oliver and Felicity explain they are in Central City on the trail of their boomerang killer. Diggle is just shocked by Barry's speed and his surprise doesn’t seem to end. At S.T.A.R. Labs both Detective West and Harrison Wells explain to Barry that the Arrow is just a vigilante murderer and a dangerous individual which Barry defends. Barry and Oliver meet with Oliver having been convinced by Felicity to help Barry stop the metahuman and Oliver tries to explain to Barry that speed isn’t enough and he needs to case out the buildings he enters, proving this by surprising Barry with hidden bows and shooting arrows into his back. Wells asks Felicity to tell him who the Arrow really is so he can trust him but Felicity refuses leaving Wells to remark he would work it out himself.

The Flash traces Bivolo to an apartment where he confronts the metahuman only to have the red eye treatment unleashed upon him. Despite his protestations that he is fine, the anger of suppressed feelings starts to build with Barry first being mean to Caitlin, then bawling out the captain and turning on Detective West. At his training site with Oliver he also turns on the Arrow stating in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t need help.

Iris and Eddie are driving home, arguing about whether The Flash is dangerous or not, when Eddie suddenly gets ripped from the car. The Flash is standing over him in full superhero suit, full of rage and jealousy and starts assaulting Eddie in front of Iris. The Arrow turns up and wraps The Flash in some wire, allowing Iris and Eddie to flee, an act which starts a fight between The Flash and The Arrow through the streets and up the buildings of Central City. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team with Diggle and Felicity are trying to come up with a way to bring Barry back under control when Wells announces he knows the Arrow is Oliver Queen but that he has a plan. Arrow manages to grab The Flash long enough for West and Wells to use coloured lights to wear off the effects of the metahuman’s rage control.

Bivolo is caught and jailed in the super prison below S.T.A.R Labs and Oliver, whilst saying goodbye, warns his new friends about not releasing his identity to people due to the reprisals that would happen to his family and friends. After a conversation about his father with Wells, Oliver confides in Felicity and Diggle that he believes there is something "off" about Wells. At the coffee shop before leaving for Starling City, Oliver bumps into a girl he used to know, Sandra, who behaves strangely on the phone. That night, The Flash appears at the coffee shop to apologise to Iris, who doesn’t want to know him anymore and a new metahuman threat who can turn into a ball of fire attacks a couple of thugs.

Oh squee, wow, cowabunga, *insert new lyrical waxing terms here*, this was an incredible episode. Oliver and Barry teaming up before a massive fight between the two, Felicity in her bra (sorry mum, but...), Yoda impressions, the mention of Batman, metahumans galore, a new adversary possibly for Oliver Queen, Wells being Wells, I could go on but my excitable ramblings will just stop making as little sense as they are at the moment. THE televisual superhero feast of the year and a must watch.

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