The Flash - Season 1, Episode 9

The Flash

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas as Steve Taylor-Bryant waits for The Man in the Yellow Suit...

This episode tickled all those fanboy bits that need touching once in a while. Nine episodes into a debut season and we already get an appearance by the Reverse Flash! The problem is that Barry Allen realises pretty quickly that his arch nemesis has powers much beyond his own. The other guys sensing the danger they are all in start a search for a meta-human that might be able to help in the form of Ronnie Raymond, Caitlin's dead-ish fiancé.

Whilst The Man in the Yellow Suit didn't give us any answers as to his mission, his identity, or why he has reappeared it does bring to close the Barry Allen origin story. There is a lot of humanity in an episode that could have veared off into a time travelling nightmare and Barry is at the centre of it all. Being told by Joe that he'd rather have Barry alive than see The Flash bite off more than he chew added to Barry's fathers plea for Barry to forget all about his mothers murder and finally move in with his life added to Barry telling Iris his true feelings gave Grant Gustin his first real test as an actor and he passed with aplomb.

Firestarter is sure to have a bigger role as the season progresses and Reverse Flash is obviously going to come to a head at some point but this week Gustin took a superhero television show and it made something quite special.

Image - Sky
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