Comic - Death Sentence: London #1

Out today, here's a reminder of Steve Taylor-Bryant's review of the first in the new comics series Death Sentence: London...

Story by: ​ MontyNero
Art by: ​ Martin Simmonds
Publisher: Titan Comics
​On-sale: June 10 2015

The original run of Death Sentence from Monty Nero and Mike Dowling had me hooked from the very beginning and relaunched a love of comics I'd lost in the 1990's and never regained. It was up there with Watchmen and the dark twisted Batman collections of the early to mid 1980's and I honestly thought we'd never get the like again with both creator and artist going on to bigger jobs, fame and fortune, and possibly forgetting all about the new fans they had encountered. Then Monty Nero announced another Death Sentence adventure would be coming and I went into a complete panic, forgetting all the thoughts I've written above, concentrating this time on the fact it'll never be as good, the bar has been set too high, why are you killing your legacy?

Happily though I was completely wrong. Cumguzzling Jizzturtles was I wrong!

London is a panic and a hellish mess. Whilst Weasel is getting some plaudits thrown his way there are still the dead to bury, with looting and crime reaching unprecedented levels, electricity issues and a Mayor needing to rebuild. Across the world the effects of G Plus are coming to the fore with a whole raft of new characters to invest in.

For fans of the original run you can pick up straight from the end of Monty's atrocities and start to expand your love for more characters and the work that some are beginning. You still have Weasel, Verity plays a large part, and the tone from the original story continues into this tale. Importantly though you can pick up Death Sentence: London #1 and enjoy it even if you haven't read the original Death Sentence, but I will implore you to anyway because of its genius. Monty Nero has taken his twisted rhetoric and narrative and seemingly upped his game, especially with the introduction of people like Jeb whose story is sure to play out well in future issues. Nero has kept his pop culture snippets and his invention of the coolest swear words in the world and Death Sentence: London is as strong a start as the end of the original. Mike Dowling has handed artistic duties over to Martin Simmonds but this is far from a poor substitution and Simmonds brings an 'A' game with his images, so my doubts there were also cleared up.

The original Death Sentence was comic of the year and I stated its importance to the genre. What Death Sentence: London has done is keep that importance but you can now feel Monty Nero, comfortable with his craft, breaking down further boundaries with a huge smile on face. This is a comic with very dark subject matter told by a guy who is just having a blast. Well done Mr Nero, well done indeed.


Image - Titan Comics.
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