Comic - Papercuts & Inkstains #2


Issue One of Papercuts & Inkstains has received some amazing feedback and now Madius Comics present Issue Two of the glorious comic...

Within the pages of Issue Two they manage to mix the same elements of horror, science fiction, humour and the slightly absurd, written by Robin Jones and Michael Sambrook, splitting writing duties between the stories within and featuring art from Rory Donald (a comic newcomer supreme!), Jim Lavery (Zarjaz, FutureQuake) and the return of the deranged Mike Smith (Profits of Doom #01!)

There are another 3 comics to enjoy as we follow an investigative space explorer as he plunges deep into a derelict planetary colony, Jeff's bad day is about to get a whole lot worse as he struggles with everyday mundanity, otherworldly interventions and ungodly body hair growth; and finally those brothers of B.O.O.B.D.A.E are back as they deal with bringing forth the instrument of the apocalypse in the only way they know how...badly...and with a lot of faffing around…

Robin Jones is a former columnist for and TheCultDen who decided one day to attempt to write some comics. His writing credentials include Papercuts and Inkstains #01 and his work is due to appear in upcoming issues of FutureQuake, Fifth Dimensions Comics (Along with Mike Sambrook) and in various other projects from Madius Comics. Rob also letters other people's comics...sometimes for money.

Michael Sambrook sells fish to bridge hobos and can usually be found huddled in the shadows, clutching a leather bound book to his chest, mumbling about the coming darkness…This is his first comic book...

Jim Lavery is a comic book artist with delusions of grandeur, still living in the saturday morning cartoon that is his mind. Jim has worked on such comics as Zarjaz, futurequake and his own comics grail and detective werewolf, to name but some of them. you can Contact him using such traditional methods as smoke signals and the british postal system, but for a more guaranteed reply, contact him via the medium of twitter @jimlavery1. YOU HAVE THE POWER!


Rory Donald is a north cornish based freelance comic book artist & illustrator. Drawing under the umbrella of Reach Illustration, Rory has enjoyed various successes with his artistic abilities; large billboards for Greenpeace's 40th anniversary at Glastonbury to book illustrations for titles such as 'Pigs Might Surf' & 'the X Tractor' however Rory's true love is with comics. He is the first to admit at giggling like a kid at christmas when his style was recently likened to none other than that of Mike Mignola (& who wouldn't?) who among others such as Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Frank Miller & J.Romita jr ( to name but a few) are big influences. Rory has recently received his certificate of distinction from the London Art College for passing the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Illustration course & is currently working on numerous projects that include another exciting collaboration with Robin Jones & Michael Sambrook of which he wont discuss under fear of assassination as well as various other creator owned pieces.

Mike Smith was hatched from an egg, then enrolled into ninja school shortly after. However two years later he was found performing on the streets doing a highly choreographed dance routine to Michael Jacksons earth song. During one of these routines mike was introduced to 2000ad by a passer by, thus making him want to become a comic artist but due to a crow pecking incident this had to put this on hold. Hollywood soon got wind of his life story and made it into a two part tv movie starring Simon Pegg. Unfortunately this movie got a panning from the critics which resulted in his life spiraling out of control. mike was forced to get a 9-5 job.Slowly dying as each year, day, hour, minute and second passed him by, mike discovered a social media site called Twitter, on there he’s discovered many other creators who are trying to escape their mundane lives.

Papercuts and Inkstains is being released by Madius Comics, a new production house, run by Robin, Mike, Brad Holman and Nick Gonzo. The whole aim of Madius is to release fun, interesting and challenging comics and to create a stable for writers and artists to produce work together!

Image - Madius Comics
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