Documentary - A Dangerous Game release

A Dangerous Game

Release information for the documentary about Donald Trump, A Dangerous Game, is now out. Here's what you need to know...

As Donald Trump steps up his campaign to run for US President, a feature length Scottish documentary is about to be released in the United States, which could spoil the would-be Republican challenger’s ambitions.

A DANGEROUS GAME, which was one of the hits of last year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival and went on to screen at dozens of film festivals worldwide, will be released on June 23rd by New York-based distributor BOND/360. And the film’s launch comes just as Donald Trump prepares to make ‘a major announcement’ at Trump Tower in Manhattan – the scene of a showdown interview between filmmaker Anthony Baxter and the business tycoon, which forms an explosive climax to the movie.

Although Mr Trump has flirted with a run for the Presidency previously, this time around American news networks appear poised to be taking his claims more seriously. A new Quinnipiac poll released last week, places the real estate and reality TV mogul in eighth place (5% support) among the Republican presidential field, a threshold which would seem to suggest Trump has a good shot a getting into the first GOP debate, which will be limited to 10 participants.

But the release of A DANGEROUS GAME, directed by Montrose-based Mr Baxter, is likely to spark fresh debate in the United States over Mr Trump’s treatment of local people in Scotland, where he has stalled plans to build a luxury golf resort. New scenes in A DANGEROUS GAME reveal that since You’ve Been Trumped’s release in 2012, the bullying of the golf resort residents has continued – with fresh mounds of earth piled next to homes and a 90 year old woman forced to collect water from a stream – three years after her water supply was first accidentally cut off by the workers building the Trump golf course. The Menie Estate course is reported to employ less than 70 people and to have run up losses of millions of pounds.

Speaking after the film’s sell-out Californian launch at the San Francisco Green Film Festival at the weekend, Anthony Baxter said, “We’re delighted A DANGEROUS GAME is coming out in America this month, as it’s important that people who would consider voting for Mr Trump in the United States witness at first hand his treatment of ordinary people in Scotland. We are also screening the film in Mr Trump’s backyard – in the shadow of Trump Tower at the prestigious Core Club - the day before the release and I invite Mr Trump to attend the Q&A.”

A DANGEROUS GAME will be available on all major Video On Demand platforms (including Amazon and iTunes) from June 23rd.
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