Comic - Death Sentence: London #2

Death Sentence London

Yesterday saw the release of Death Sentence: London #2. Find out more about it...

WRITER: Montynero
ARTIST: Martin Simmonds
COVERS BY: Montynero, Martin Simmonds
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics

• Martial law declared in London as the G+ Virus runs rampant!


• Weasel's free gig takes over Brixton – and it'll take a platoon of tanks to shift him!

• New powers – and new players – surface all over the capital!

• And in the USA, agent Jeb Mulgrew gets a do-or-die mission!

• Where is Verity? Where is... ARTGIRL?!

As timely and resonant as ever, and packed with all the creative swearing, outrageous use of powers and satirical social commentary you've come to love – Death Sentence is back to lay claim to your hindbrain and devastate your pull list and we'll have a review for you soon.

Death Sentence: London #2 comes with 2 covers to collect and is available from here.

Image - Titan Comics
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