Event - Optimus Convention

Optimus Convention

The first Optimus Convention took place in Torquay last weekend.  Here's some more news about how it went...

Enthusiastic sci-fi fans and excited families swopped the sunshine for the spooky shade of the first Optimus: South West Film and TV Convention in Torquay the weekend to meet a whole galaxy of stars from Hollywood blockbusters, cult films and TV shows including Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Star Wars and Game Of Thrones.

Spearheading the weekend, however, was a Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary reunion that featured original Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson (who played Winston Zeddemore), Mark Bryan Wilson (Slimer, Library Ghost), Billy Bryan (Stay Puft) and Robin Shelby (Slimer, GB2)

The event, which took place on 1st – 2nd August, gave Ghostbusters fans a unique chance to meet and quiz the stars about their roles in the iconic movie, which has celebrated 30 years since its release.

The cast were reunited for signings and two Q&As, which were hosted by Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno, gave them a chance to share movie-making secrets and reveal the enduring appeal of the films three decades after the original release. Ernie Hudson said, “It’s incredible that the audience are still here 30 years later. It’s wonderful.”

Speaking about the comedic appeal of the film, Hudson added, “We had a great script but when you are shooting comedy we’d shoot what we had and then go rough on it - we’d be in the moment. We trusted our own instincts on what was funny.”

Hudson also told the fans how he enjoyed working with co-star Bill Murray: “Just seeing how the fans were. No matter where we were, people loved Bill Murray, and he loved them back and would just roll with them. It was a lot of fun being on set and hanging out with him.”


Asked about the female re-boot of the film starring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, and directed by Paul Feig, Hudson commented, “No one doubts that women can deal with ghosts and be funny doing it – and I think that the cast of women in it are very funny. I’m very excited about it, I think it’s great.”

On the whole experience Hudson said, "I've had an absolutely wonderful time attending Optimus Con. This is one of the first times the Ghostbusters fans have been able to come together and it's been a great convention to attend.

“ I don't get the chance to do many in Europe and it's been one of the best experiences I've had. And I must say, the area - the English Riviera is absolutely beautiful."

The sell-out event was organised by A&R Events and Promotions, giving fans a chance to celebrate their favourite shows and movies with autograph and photo opportunities, practical demonstrations as well as browse for film memorabilia and merchandise from a wide range of exhibitors.

A whole host of stars were also in attendance across the weekend including Red Dwarf stars Chris Barrie and Norman Lovett, Virginia Hey (Mad Max 2, TV’s Farscape), Jeremy Bullock (The Empire Strikes Back), Oliver Robins (Poltergeist, Poltergeist 2), Doctor Who’s Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor) and Game Of Thrones stars James Cosmo, George Georgiou and Ross Mullan. The Shaun the Sheep workshop held by Aardman Animations proved particularly popular with families.

The event was held at Riviera International Centre in Torquay, Devon. Plans are already underway for the next convention in August 2016.

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