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Vurt game art

Hot on the heels of news from Jeff Noon about his new book, we get more news from the world of Vurt, with a Kickstarter for Vurt, the game...

Ravendesk Games have been working with award winning science-fiction author, and friend of /G-f, Jeff Noon to produce a tabletop RPG of Jeff's now infamous Vurt novels and they're looking to fund the production using a Kickstarter campaign.

For those of you not familiar with the Arthur C Clarke award winning novel Vurt, the campaign describes it thus "Amid the glass-strewn streets of the lethal and anarchic Manchester England of the near future, players ingest slender Vurt feathers to travel to parallel worlds as vivid, unique, and unpredictable as our wildest dreams. But they’re no mere fantasies. These worlds - and all the wonders and horrors they contain - are as a real, and every bit as dangerous, as the one you were born in."

The style of the novel lends itself well to the RPG medium. If you're an RPG fan and have already played Numenera or The Strange, then you’re already familiar with the flexibility and ease of the Cypher System rulebook around which Ravendesk have based the Vurt game. Players will be able to move between the gritty cyberpunk "reality" of a dystopian Manchester and the dreamlike lands of Vurt with its myriad of unique beings and its this richness of characterisation and lack of "normal fantasy" constriction that will make the Vurt RPG an extraordinary concept and one that both RPG players and fans of the Vurt novels will get a lot from. The other thing that sets this game apart from so many others is the beautiful artwork that will be included in the core book. Ravendesk have worked in collaboration with several artists to create scenes from both the brutality of future Manchester and the phantasmagoria that are the worlds of The Vurt.

To find out more about the game and Ravendesk, see examples of the artwork, support the production of the Vurt game and, most importantly, to pre-order your own copy or get one of the other many incentives on offer, please visit their Kickstarter page and help them reach their funding target.

Image - Kickstarter Page.
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