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The X Files

Our own alien, Steve Taylor-Bryant, is going to spend this week looking back over the cult TV classic The X-Files. Today is season 1...

It's time to let you know my favourite episodes of The X-Files Season 1. This is my Top 5, with a slight difference as one of the places is taken by two separate episodes that link together, and is in no way a definitive list. Lots of people love The Pilot and as I said in my first article it is the series’ most important story, but it doesn't make the list. This is just me and what I enjoyed most back in 1993.

The X-Files

5 - E.B.E Season 1, Episode 16.

Byers: He's being put into power by the most heinous and evil force in the 20th century.

Mulder: Barney?

Scully and Mulder investigate a possible encounter between a trucker and a UFO in Tennessee. For Mulder, the evidence of a close encounter is overwhelming. With information from Deep Throat, who turns out not to be as useful as it has in the past, Mulder turns to the three Lone Gunmen for help in locating the truck as it makes its way across America. Scully is amazed at the Lone Gunmen's level of paranoia until she finds a bug in a pen in Mulder's desk. They follow the truck but it doesn't lead to a happy conclusion. Deep throat does explain his motivation, however.

The X-Files

4- Fallen Angel Season 1, Episode 9.

Max Fenig: Say no more. You're a cautious man. Trust no one. Very wise. After what happened to JFK, I understand completely.

With inside information courtesy of Deep Throat, Mulder heads off to Wisconsin where the Defence Department is in the process of reclaiming a downed UFO. He sets off on his own and finds the crash site only to be knocked out by a soldier. In the brig, he meets Max Fenig, a UFO enthusiast who was also arrested for being too close to the clean up site. Mulder, who has been working on his own, is rescued by Scully but he is clearly in big trouble and faces a professional conduct hearing. When Fenig is found dead, it is clear that there are forces within the government who will go to any length to keep the existence of alien life forms a secret.

The X-Files

3- Eve Season 1, Episode 10.

Mulder: Abducted.

Scully: Kidnapped.

Mulder: Pot-ay-toe, pot-ah-toe.

Scully and Mulder are called into investigate a strange case of a man found sitting in his backyard having been ex-sanguinated and having two bite marks on his neck. The man's daughter, Teena, only remembers seeing what she calls red lighting. They've barely started the investigation when they learn there has been a virtually identical attack on the west coast. When they meet that man's daughter, Cindy, she is identical to Teena. Deep Throat provides Mulder with information about the Litchfield experiments, attempts at gene modification where children, named Adam and Eve, were produced. They trace a common link from the girls to Dr. Sally Kendrick who was fired for her position at a fertility clinic for experimenting in eugenics. The agents take the girls into protective custody but it's not the girls who need protecting.

The X-Files

2- Deep Throat Season 1, Episode 1 (The Pilot was Episode 0).

Mulder: They're here aren't they?

Deep Throat: Mr. Mulder, THEY'VE been here for a long, long time.

Mulder and Scully investigate the mental breakdown and disappearance of a U.S. Air Force officer, Col. Robert Budahas, once a well regarded test pilot. Mulder's research reveals that there is a pattern of breakdowns at Ellens Air Force base but Scully thinks there are any number legitimate medical reasons for what has happened. Mulder is soon in touch with local UFO enthusiasts and learns where in the area is best to view UFOs. He comes across two young people who regularly sneak onto the base through a hole in the fence to sit back and watch. Mulder believes the aircraft the locals are seeing were built using alien technology and it becomes apparent that the U.S. government is hiding something and will go to great lengths to keep it that way. Throughout, Mulder receives advice and a friendly warning from an unknown man, Deep Throat, who warns him to be careful and confirms Mulder's suspicions about aliens.

The X-Files

1- Squeeze/Tooms Season 1, Episodes 2 & 20.

Mulder: Is there any way I can get it off my fingers quickly without betraying my cool exterior?

Squeeze - Scully and Mulder are called in when a businessman is found dead in his office. The doors and windows were locked from the inside and the only other possible opening is an extraordinarily small air vent, which no person could possibly go through. The dead man also had his liver torn out. There is also a strange elongated fingerprint on the vent which leads Mulder to find two sets of old cases the first dating to 30 years ago and the other 30 years before that. All of the victims had their livers torn out of their bodies. More importantly, the elongated fingerprint is an exact match, despite the long interval in between events. Mulder is convinced that the killer is the same man who comes out of hibernation every 30 years to feed his appetites.

Mulder: You can get the next mutant.

Tooms - Mulder seems to be the only persons concerned at the prospect that Eugene Tooms is about to be released from the psychiatric institution he's been in for several months. His pleadings fall on deaf ears as Tooms has never been convicted of a crime and the review board find Mulder's claims preposterous. Mulder is convinced Tooms will strike again and begins to follow him while Scully contacts the retired police detective, Frank Briggs, who had helped them in their earlier investigation. An old corpse from a long ago killing helps them out.

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