Back to School - The Murphy-Libby Championship FINAL!

Murphy-libby final

After three days of elimination rounds, now is your chance to vote for the winning High School Sports film, thanks to the nearest thing we have to a High School Sports Jock on the team, Nate McKenzie...

It all started on Thursday morning. Sixteen films - chosen and ranked by our High School hero Nate McKenzie.  Read his article here about why he chose what he chos eand remember to VOTE for your favourite out of the two that made it through. Here's what Nate has to say about the finalists...

The beauty of a tournament like this is delving into the minutiae of the grand finale. What were the factors that led to each advancement?

Remember the Titans is based on a true story and tackles serious and always topical subject matter, as racism is unfortunately still something that humans must continue to contend with. Karate Kid is, at its heart, an intrinsic lesson about standing up for oneself against bullies, which is something that young people deal with even to this day.

Aside from the serious nature of the two films though, we have Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita combining forces against the seemingly-invincible Denzel Washington. Mr. Washington is backed up by young a cadre of young talent which somehow includes Ryan "Abs For Days" Gosling. How can Macchio and Morita compete against that? Well, the Crane Kick is a venerable weapon that does command due respect.

So, it comes down to this:

Remember the Titans - the powerful, steely, gridiron classic, which plays upon your heart strings with its social commentary and staunch characters that learn valuable lessons...


The Karate Kid - Nostalgia for years, quotable for decades and one swift kick to the face that can send an opponent reeling, regretting that they ever sought to challenge.

The Murphy-Libby Championship is decided today!

How to vote - select the film you want to win then scroll down in the white window to find the DONE button and submit your answers. It's that simple! Voting closes at 07:00 tomorrow morning and it's just for fun, there are no prizes.

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