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1 world 100 lonely

From the maker of Window Licker, 1 World 100 Lonely will premiere at the Raindance Film Festival this year...

Co-written & directed by Brian McGuire and starring co-writers Robert Murphy, Farah Mokrani, Lara Heller, Mark E. Fletcher, Mike Kaiser, & Kendall Carroll, 1 World 100 Lonely is described as

a deeply intimate portrait of human relationships and love through the stories of four people as they’re drawn together and pulled apart. In the first storyline, a man from the US and an Iranian woman living in the UK finally meet after an online relationship. In the second, a man discovers that his girlfriend is cheating on him, leading him to spiral into depression while she leads her own journey of self-discovery. Loneliness and desperation for meaningful human contact are big themes in this film, but so is the sweet, joyful optimism of the beginning of something new and, just maybe, beautiful.

Shot and edited by McGuire, it was filmed on an Android cell phone, giving a distinctive lo-fi, handheld style in which the shaky camera sticks close to the characters and the action is presented in a naturalistic way, making the fictional stories feel like true to life documentary footage.

When asked about the film, he said "1 World 100 lonely is a movie that came together purely by magic. There is a true Cassavetes vibe going on here. The actors where the writers, an extremely small crew of one at times, and no script. Just locations, actors, and my Android cellphone to shoot. While putting the movie together, I kept describing the film to people. I would tell them it's a lot like if Todd Solondz and Terence Malick where having sex and Cassavetes was filming. That is 1 World 100 Lonely"

1 World 100 Lonely receives its World Premiere on Monday 28th September at 8:30 p.m. & a 2nd Screening on Friday 2nd October at 2:10 p.m. at Raindance Film Festival.

Image - Brian McGuire
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