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The Arms Drop has been nominated for the Best Documentary at Raindance Film Festival this year...

Award-winning director Andreas Koefoed (Ballroom Dancer) and critically acclaimed screenwriter/director Tobias Lindholm (A War, A Highjacking, Borgen, The Hunt) craft a riveting documentary about power, double-dealing, and espionage in The Arms Drop. This true story about the controversial 1995 Purulia Case is ripe for a Hollywood remake. The Arms Drop premieres at The Raindance Film Festival ahead of its digital release on 5 October 2015, courtesy of Dogwoof.

Former British arms dealer Peter Bleach is on a mission to find the agent who lied in court, resulting in his incarceration in an Indian jail for a crime he did not commit. On his word, Bleach was convicted of dropping 4 tons of weapons over West Bengal to start a civil war.Bleach was indeed part of the arms drop – but as an MI5 informant trying to capture the mastermind behind it, the radical idealist Niels Holck. But Holck dramatically escaped and Bleach was made the scapegoat. Years later Holck stands before trial in Denmark. Bleach forgives his former enemy and embarks on a quest to find the truth behind the ill-fated mission.

Indian journalist Udayan Namboodiri describes the Purulia Arms Drop as “One of the biggest intelligence failures in the history of India.” This is the story of the consequences faced by two men for their part in one of the largest weapons drops in history.

The Arms Drop is in Competition at the Raindance Film Festival. Screenings take place on Sunday 27 September 16.20 and Wednesday 30 September 16.20 at Vue Piccadilly.  The Arms Drop is available from all good digital platform from 5 October including Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Dogwoof TV and Google Play.

Image - The Arms Drop
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