Comic – Death Sentence: London #5

Death Sentence: London #5

Steve Taylor-Bryant finds things are kicking off as he catches issue five of the Titan Comics release of Monty Nero’s Death Sentence, with possible spoilers and scenes of a horrific sexual nature…

Picking up from the end of issue four we see the attack on Roots by Retch happening with it looking like Roots is about to meet her end when her G+ seems to kick in and resurrect her. She defeats her enemy with the help of Ex as buildings crumble around them. Ex tells Roots he knows where the Mayor is holed up with his assistant, Tilly. The Mayor is in the middle of his kinky sex session with Tilly (tickle my arse and spank my balls) but Roots uses a nearby tree to put an end to the bedroom fantasy, fleeing just as a naked Mayor starts to scream at them out of the window.

Verity is in Camden Fincham, the journalist, going through her story and despite being unwell and frightening Fincham with her artistic powers, she feels she has hope now and refuses to change who she is, determined to get back her identity. The door goes and masked men shoot Fincham in the face before entering the apartment. Verity makes herself invisible and the thugs steal laptops and electrical equipment before trashing the place. As they are about set fire to the apartment Verity bumps one of them and he catches fire, before using her animated illusion to evade the attack of another. The building is destroyed but Verity has Fincham’s USB stick. In London as the Mayor is getting his story straight with Tilly, the F.B.I are elsewhere tasking Manta One with tracking down Verity.

The Mayor arrives back at City Hall to plaudits for fighting off a G+ attacker single handily but The Mayor wants business to continue. He wants Roots and all that help the G+ afflicted rounded up. When the forthcoming Freedom Concert in Brixton is brought up the Mayor states he will send in the Army to regain control of the area and capture the ringleaders. Over in Mayfair Cosmo and Zuzu are arguing over Cosmo’s threesome with some twins and Zuzu is feeling left out and wanting to know why she wasn’t invited to join in. Tilly arrives to talk to the couple about the “Young Praetorian” initiative that in essence will take the posher and maybe more controllable G+ sufferers and train them to become an opposition to the street thug G+ afflicted. The training will take place on a mysterious island…

Firstly I must say that each issue of Death Sentence: London works as a standalone as well as part of the bigger picture but issue five has taken all of the various strings and started to show how they will all come together as the story unravels and it is done stylishly. There are no short cuts or story embellishments occurring on the part of Nero. He has had an idea for the outcome of the story and is playing it smart just unleashing enough of a glimpse at what’s to come to whet the taste buds and keep you reading. Simmonds art is again exquisite and his use of colour dependent on which character is on the page at the time is subtle but refreshing.

Death Sentence: London #5
And now you can't unsee it either!
HOWEVER!! Nero and Simmonds do use looky-likey’s in Death Sentence, something I have found entertaining in the past and don’t generally have a problem with, but this week I was disturbed. This week my therapy has been set back years. This week we had the ‘Boris Johnson’ looking Mayor in his sex session with Tilly and that is a panel I will never be able to unsee. Never mind G+ warnings, Nero and Simmonds need to put warnings all over future issues that contain the Mayor’s bottom as it is vomit inducing.

Stunning work lads, keep it up!

Image - Titan.
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