Event - Let The Right One In

Let the Right One in

This Halloween, LOST Theatre presents the acclaimed dark and visceral coming of age supernatural love story, for the first time in London since its original West End run...

“I am not… that… Can I come in?”

Based on the cult novel by John Ajvide Lindquist, writer Jack Thorne (Skins, The Fades) adapts this modern horror classic for the ultimate theatrical horror experience, Let The Right One In is directed by Jack Bowman (director of LOST Theatre’s recent Jerusalem revival and co-creator of the acclaimed horror audio series, The Springheel Saga) for LOST Theatre.

Oskar is a lonely, bullied teenage boy living with his mother when a spate of sinister killings rocks the neighbourhood. Eli is the teenage girl next door who just moved in. She doesn’t go to school, and never leaves the flat during the day. The two become devoted friends. But Eli has a secret, and she is not all that she appears to be...

With a cast that includes Louis Krommenhoek, Ruth Newbery-Payton, Charlotte Woolfe, Jade Jones, Abi McLoughlin, Calum Siyver, Tim Hayward, Caroline Short, Mark Moore, Maxwell Hayes, Mark McKirdy and a Parental Guidance rating of ages 13 and over because of bloody violence, strong language and adult themes, Let The Right One in runs from 28th - 31st October at 19:30 at LOST Theatre, Wandsworth Road, London
For more information and how to book tickets see the LOST Theatre website.

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