Poeme'en - Why The Celebration?


Steve Taylor-Bryant explains why this Hallowe'en we are looking at... er... Poetry...

Roses are red, Violets are blue, poetry scares me, and now I must poo.

When we sat down in April to decide what we were going to do on Hallowe'en (yes we plan stuff! Don't let this disorganised exterior fool you, it's just for the look) we realised that most of the good themes we've used before. We wanted to genuinely scare you as much as ourselves and after much deliberation (gin drinking) we decided I would pick the thing that scared me most - poetry.

That's right. I am scared of poetry and I'm not scared of anything (except heights/burning alive/snakes/spiders/my daughter reaching dating age) but for some reason I never got my head around poetry and over the years my lack of understanding became genuine fear. Whether it was strictness in my teachers, or the apparent structure that poetry must have, a myth I'm sure will dealt with this weekend, it just doesn't make sense to me and therefore is frightening.

We have articles from our core team, and some very special guests, this weekend that are going to entertain you as well as hopefully break down the barriers of fear that surrounds the writing. For those of you that share my affliction a warning... this weekend will contain the likes of Tennyson.

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