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As articles come out of Christopher Nolan's 'Memento' (2000) being remade so soon after its initial release, Barnaby Eaton-Jones reports on the newest rumour...

Halfway through production of the upcoming film 'King For A Day', starring Hugh Jackman as an ordinary man who gets appointed as the first King of Australia, it has been announced that Twentieth Century Fox are pressing ahead with a remake of the film before they release this one.

'Monarch Until Sunset', starring Tom Hardy as an ordinary man who gets appointed the ruling monarch of Australia, will be released in cinemas exactly one minute after 'King For A Day' has debuted.

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A spokesman for Twentieth Century Fox has posted on the film's official Facebook page: “It is not unusual for well-received and well-remembered movies to get the remake treatment and 'King For A Day' is no exception. We expect it to do big numbers and, to save waiting for it to attain a huge fanbase, we know there's sufficient people out there who will want to see it done differently again. It's the same story for the same generation but told in such a slightly different way so it won't offend.”

On Twitter, a minute later, a remake of that quote had been posted by Twentieth Century Fox, which said pretty much the same statement but in a quicker and more up-to-date way.

At this moment in time, the rumours that Hugh Jackman will make a surprise cameo as his original character from 'King For A Day' in 'Monarch Until Sunset' are just that; rumours. We contacted Hugh Jackman's representative but they responded by saying they were now Tom Hardy's representative.

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