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Criminal folder

The Defective Inspector is back in the offices of /G-f to give us a monthly round up of all the indie gaming news in his Criminal Activity Report. Here is November's file....

Time is RUSHING forward and I can’t help but feel the gaming world is preparing for our favourite commercial time of year and so there is a fair bit to talk about! But in traditional Defective fashion I am going to ignore the obvious and point at the obscure and often underappreciated!


On the note of obscure, ever heard of Prelude Games Factory? Me neither, that’s mainly because the company was formed in 2014 and have yet to release a game. They do however make it very clear the company was made by gamers for games. The waves of news have crashed on my shore and informed me their first project “Dogma: Eternal Night” is due to have a Kickstarter on 24th November 2015 and it’s boasting a dark and horrific gameplay on a MMORPG scale. Here is a link to keep in the loop for the future!


On a far more recent scale future of free to play could change with Star Break. This game keeps to the violent platformer legacy alive but it seeks Greenlighting within the Steam community. You can play the BETA right now before it even gets onto Steam by clicking here as the intention is to take the browser based system onto a separate client running format. I gave it a go before writing this and I am feeling the Metroid/Mega-Man vibe and I like it! Show your support and make the Greenlight happen!

Cat hungry

I’ll admit, it’s not often I mention mobile games. This game was an exception to that rule as it involves cats and I like cats… “I’m hungry, Human!” is a novel little game where Sir Walter Humphrey, the tyrannical supermarket feline, requires food to be shovel into his mouth. It’s release on 1st November dawns the age of… Well I don’t know what, but I am still amused by the game! Here’s the itunes link for your app pleasure!

Game tycoon

And now my next advertisement, Game Tycoon 2. The predecessor to this title was ground breaking, mixing a gentle level of addictive gameplay with company based greed. It allowed the average person to see and explore the ways a games company works and hopefully drove a person or 2 away from piracy. The sequel looks like a MASSIVE jump into the future, while only in early access I look forward to it getting bigger and bigger!

You’re probably asking a very reasonable question. Where is there a man face palming a lady showing a drawing of a… Fairy maybe? WELL IT’S SIMPLE! This is my monthly Kickstarter recommendation, it’s based on the project “A Princess to Save Me: Play as a Damsel in Distress”. It’s a beautiful idea where the traditional “hero” of the story disappearing and your entire adventure is based on being the Damsel in Distress. So you’re still wondering about the photo? Well those 2 people are the small developing team “Drunk Dragon Games” and they desperately need an artist to help progress the project. I even got to speak to them about a week ago, good people who need good support! Save the Princess so you can BE the Princess.

[Editor's update - the day after this report was first released, we got news that the Kickstarter for A Princess to Save Me had been cancelled. They are sticking with the project though and we look forward to seeing how it progresses.]

That’s all for this month! I’d like to thank you all again for reading and please consider ANY of the above. There is a HUGE list of news articles I read through to find these gems, I personally feel they are worth it!

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