TV – Arrow Season 4, Episode 4

Arrow Beyond Redemption

Steve Taylor-Bryant is Beyond Redemption as he checks out the latest goings on in Star City. Recap contains spoilers and photos of Caity Lotz because we cannot stop him, honest we’ve tried...

Your texts were "911" "OMG" "ASAP" "!" I do not have time to respond to something that doesn't contain at least one actual word.

There are some naughty people doing a drug deal but don’t worry as the S.W.A.T team have arrived, as have SCPD detectives. Wait... why are S.W.A.T shooting the detectives and running off with the drugs? That’s right, this episode involves a band of corrupt coppers. We can’t mention corruption without talking politics and Oliver announces he is going to run for Mayor of Star City to Thea, Diggle and Laurel and didn’t quite get the response he was hoping for but, since his campaign office is Sebastian Blood’s old office and he’s converted Blood’s old lair into a new seriously hi-tech ArrowCave, the team seem happy. There are a few glitches in the electricity that need sorting as does the strange code on Felicity’s phone. The code she’s receiving is an old code that Curtis recognises as Ray Palmer’s. Felicity uses some evidence from Captain Lance to trace the rogue policemen and, when Oliver is sure they are real police that have turned nasty, he plans a trap with Thea involving a huge amount of drugs. Lance meanwhile is reacquainted with Sara and is so emotional as he can’t see her as his daughter, made worse when she attempts to strangle Laurel.

Arrow Beyond Redemption

The deal goes wrong and the team are defeated which is when Captain Lance explains they are no normal officers, they are in fact the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. Due to cuts in budget they have fallen on hard times and are desperate for money so have started stealing from dealers to sell back to dealers whilst turning a profit. The AVTF though think they should be killing Lance, as he recognised them, but their leader, Liza Warner, says she needs him alive. Lance has a secret meeting with Damien Darhk and seeks his advice about Sara. Darhk says she has no soul and isn’t Sara so should be killed but Oliver spots the meeting on CCTV and confronts Lance who admits he was taken in by Darhk and listens to an angry Oliver talk about righteousness and being a role model, going as far as saying Lance was the inspiration behind him running for Mayor. Later, whilst talking to Thea about memories, Oliver starts to have doubts about being Mayor and doesn’t know what to do. Lance goes to visit Sara and is all ready to end her life when Laurel comes in and Lance breaks down.

The AVTF kidnap Lance and take him to Star City’s Drug Incineration Plant where they plan to steal all the confiscated drugs it contains. Team Arrow turn up and start to take down the bad guys but Liza gets free and stabs Oliver, not enough to kill him but enough to stop him fighting back. Captain Lance gives Liza a speech about being able to save themselves before they can save the city and Liza sees the error of her ways and surrenders. Back at Lance’s apartment Oliver is again waiting for the Captain. Lance explains he is going to turn himself in and that he meant every word of his speech. Oliver asks him to stay on and be their inside man with Darhk. Oliver returns to his office to find a staff of interns and Thea as his Campaign Manager as they believe in him as Mayor now and so he announces his candidacy with a rousing speech about saving his city and turning back into the place it used to be when he was a child. Felicity finally listens to the speech that Ray Palmer had left her but Laurel has problems as Sara has escaped.

Arrow Beyons Redemption

Another cracking week on Arrow. The story of the corrupt coppers was more an aside, as this week was about emotion and doing what’s right. Stephen Amell has impressed all season so far but Paul Blackthorne steals the show as Captain Quentin Lance. He went from snarling do-gooder and anti-Oliver man to distraught parent, to humble in a matter of scenes and lit up the screen every time he was on it. The new Arrow Cave is stunning and should set up the year well with the enlarged team now, and the inclusion of Ray Palmer’s code, Artificial Intelligence work and message should lead into Legends of Tomorrow quite well. Plus Sara is back! But escaped. But back! I am a little in love with Caity Lotz in case you hadn’t gathered.

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